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I am pleased to be an authorized Dynavector dealer. Dynavector is highly regarded as a manufacturer of moving coil cartridges and tone arms.


For more than 30 years Dynavector's Moving Coil cartridges have continuously enjoyed worldwide acclaim due to a combination of innovative design, advanced production techniques and an unwavering commitment to the musical source. Over the same period many new formats such as Compact Disc, MP3, SACD and DVDA have come to dominate music reproduction. However many audiophiles consider that these digital mediums leave much to be desired when compared to analogue recordings.

Consumers and the recording companies remain confused as to which digital medium will become the standard and in the meantime the vast heritage of recorded music, spanning almost a century, is placed in jeopardy.

Fortunately Dynavector have never capitulated to the giant digital industry and have continued to refine their unique range of MC cartridges, providing music lovers with the highest standard of music reproduction that matches or surpasses any digital source.

Leading the charge is the legendary Dr Tominari's last stroke of genius, the XV-1. This unique masterpiece was superb in its original form and the refinements added to the XV-1s, herald a whole new generation of cartridge performance.

I run a DV-XV1s in my personal system on a Naim Aro tonearm, on an LP12 with a Wenge plinth.

At any price point, you can be guaranteed that a Dynavector MC cartridge will both move and excite to new heights of listening pleasure. A pleasure for many that comes only from a genuine analogue source.

Moving Coil Cartridges:


Tone Arms:

    DV 507Mk2 - Bi-Axis Inertia controlled dynamic balance
    tone arm MSRP $5350.00 USD « More info »
    DV 507Mk2 Limited Edition, Chrome & Black Finish
    MSRP $5950.00

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