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    I bought a used plinth of yours, tiger maple, ca. 2007 So, no new plinth now! This plinth is so beautiful that I have brought my 3 daughters and all their friends into my sound room just to amaze them with the chatoyance. It looks positively 3D! With all the wood I've seen in my life I can't believe that I've never seen anything like it.

    Paul B. - MI, USA

    To Chris Harban,
    Thank you and My sincere gratitude to you for another outstanding plinth for my Thorens 124. Your craftsmanship is of museum quality. I am honoured to have it and together with my Woodsong Garrard 301 plinth , they are the anchor of my audio collection . I hope that you realise the pride of ownership that I have and the attention they garner from my audio friends. I am looking forward to the 3rd plinth that you are finishing for me. I am certain that it would be another work of art. My kindest regards to you.

    Jonathan Cu - Vancouver, BC, Canada

    I am in the process of building the ebony table. It is really a work of art and I just had to look at it for a few weeks. I am considering upgrading my 4th and last LP12 (black) with one more of your plinths and if another ebony is, or will be available, I probably should consider that option. I can't believe how good your work is.

    Chris Koster - CO, USA

    I had a vision of my Garrard 401 mounted on a black skeletal plinth with my SME V and my SoundSmith Denon 103R. It takes foresight and creativity to interpret visions and make them materialize. Chris exceeded my expectations with his one of a kind plinth. It sounds great, I couldn't be happier! No rumble ... a pure sound platform that is delightful.

    Bruce Meyers, NC, USA

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