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linn sondek lp12
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“ The plinth arrived today…
I don’t’ think your “potty-mouthed” girlfriend could have possibly let loose enough sailor-inspired, ”holy shit” synonyms to describe how cool I think it turned out! Well done!!! My lady says the finish is 3D! It’s everything I expected and much, much more!”

JJ - Maryland, USA

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about wood

Wood must rank highly among the most essential things to human life, not too far behind air, water, food and love. Wood gives us heat, shelter, tools, art, and music, among other things. Wood can be found in incredible variety of color, density, strength, tonal quality, and other properties. I have been gifted with an appreciation for the many forms of wood, especially its aesthetic and functional beauty. Wood has proven itself as an excellent material for turntable plinths, speaker cabinets, and furniture...

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