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Please check out ABOUT WOOD page for information about specific wood or if you can't find a wood you are looking for in the GALLERY section, feel free to contact me.

Will a Woodsong LP12 plinth fit my LP12?
    YES! All LP12 plinths I make are drilled and milled to precisely fit all components of all current and past spec LP12s. This includes holes drilled for: hinge plates, top plate locater screws, 4 holes to secure the wiring strap to the underside of the mounting blocks, main stud mounting holes, motor stud hole, Trampolin/2 holes, and the 4 holes for the original rubber feet. Every LP12 plinth is fitted with a top plate during the construction process to ensure a precise fit, as well as checked for flatness.

    Yes, your Keel will fit, and your Radikal Motor and Urika. If you need a corner brace clearanced for a tonearm other than Linn, I can do this at no extra cost.

What is the best sounding wood for an LP12 plinth?
    I have heard too many conflicting opinions from very knowledgeable people to have any sure answers. It does seem certain that the species of wood does have some effect on the sound. I believe that at this point in the refinement of your system, the answer starts to become biased towards personal listening preferences. I believe that the fit of the plinth to the top plate is very important, at least as important as the species of wood it is made from. Extreme attention is given to all aspects of the fit of the top plate in Woodsong LP12 plinths.

Will a Woodsong Garard 301/401,Thorens TD124,Technics SP10 MkII/III plinth fit my deck?
    YES! I personally own all of these decks, and consider checking the actual fit an essential part of the construction process. Also, in measuring for specific tonearm/ boards, the deck must be in place. I can fit any tonearm to your plinth, provide you with just a plinth, or build a complete turntable ready to play.

What do I need to do to maintain the finish of my plinth?
    Not much, aside from occasional dusting, and protecting it from intense, direct sunlight, and minimizing fingerprints as much as possible, wiping them clean with a soft cloth as they occur. The trademark polished oil finish on most of my plinths is very durable and longlasting, and will grow old gracefully.

Will you accept custom orders?
    Yes, please contact me to discuss your needs, however large, or small. I have a very well equipped shop, as well as access to CNC machinery if necessary.

How long do I have to wait for my plinth?
    Delivery time usually ranges between 2-12 weeks depending on what you are looking for. Occasionally, plinths in some species can take longer. Contact me for the current inventory list.

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