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High Fidelity Audio Related:
    arrow AV Options The official US Naim service agent
    arrow Cymbiosis UK distributor for Woodsong LP12 plinths
    arrow Dynamic Sound Associates Maker of my favorite phono stage, the DSA Phono II
    arrow Dynavector Maker of a couple of my favorite cartridges
    arrow Linn Products Maker of the Linn Sondek LP12 and other fine audio equipment
    arrow Koetsu Maker of some of my favorite cartridges
    arrow Naim Audio My favorite gear
    arrow Ortofon World reknowned manufacturer of top quality Cartridges and tonearms
    arrow Robyatt Audio My friend, Robin Wyatt. Distributor of Miyajima cartridges including the amazing Shilabe cartridge, and the new, even more amazing Madake cartridge, Schroeder tonearms, Tektron Tube amplification, and various other audio delights
    arrow Stillpoints Makers of excellent footers for turntables, and other audio supports.
    arrow Soundsmith Expert repair for Moving Coil cartridges in US
    arrow Sound Fountain Cartridge and turntable setup details and lots of Thorens TD-124 and Technics SP10 informations
    arrow Steve Dobbins Another very high quality plinth maker
    arrow Track Audio My preferred footer for Garrard, Thorens, and Technics CLD plinths, in most listening room environments
    arrow Zu Audio Maker of a full line of some of my favorite loudspeakers, and maker of excellent cables, including a great phono cable

Other Interests:

linn sondek lp12
arrow Email me for the current inventory list.