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The Thorens TD124 is another example of fine Swiss engineering. Everything about these decks says “Quality, built to last.” The TD-124 is another of the sought after idler drive turntables from yester-year, that , when properly set up, easily gives some of the best of the modern decks a ‘run for the money’. The TD124 is regarded as being very ’musical’, more so than the Garrards which are prized for their ‘drive’ and ‘slam’.

I have built numerous plinth designs for the TD-124, including massive dual tonearm plinths, and have come to prefer a plinth design utilizing the 124’s chassis mount armboard. This is mainly due to aesthetic reasons, and I am very content with the level of performance that can be achieved with this design.

Please look through the GALLERY page for more plinth options for your Thorens TD-124. I can provide you with only a plinth, or build and tune a complete, turn-key deck for you or please contact me to discuss your specific needs.


As with the Garrards, I can completely refurbish your TD-124.

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